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  • Saturday, December 14, 2019

    Australia: Good deals in Bondi

    Australia: Good deals in Bondi

    Bondi Beach is the most popular in Australia. No doubt thanks to its proximity to Sydney (30 minutes), its fine golden sand, its turquoise water, its waves of surf, its walk and the many festivities that take place there year-round... Certainly, it is aptly named because it is always crowded!

    Before diving: a legendary beach

    The reputation of Bondi Beach goes beyond the waters bordering Australia. And surfers come from all over for its waves. There, everyone knows her. A reality show featuring rescuers is even being shot at Bondi Beach, which is known as the sea rescue capital since it was here that the Bondi Life Saving Club was founded in 1906. More than a century later, the "Nippers" (Australian lifeguard apprentices) still train there with their legendary swim cap. A kite festival is also held annually. Bondi is really an exceptional beach.

    To entertain toddlers: the natural paddling pool

    Sometimes strong currents can make parents reluctant to send their toddlers into the water. So that toddlers can also enjoy the sea water, two wading pools located side by side north of Bondi beach will make even adults dream. These secure sections allow families to have fun away from the waves and the current, while enjoying a breathtaking view of the bay. The one that is accessible directly from the beach is bordered by a park, while it is necessary to walk a few meters by the promenade to reach the second.

    For an amazing experience: Bondi Icebergs Club

    Impossible to go through Bondi without stopping at the outdoor pool of Bondi Icebergs Club. Built on the ocean's edge, at the southern end of the beach, it makes anyone who does not know how to swim happy to go on the spot, if only to make a single length. When the sea rages, the waves crash against the wall and provide swimmers with an incomparable experience. In addition to the pool, the Club has a restaurant where the view of Bondi is breathtaking. From the Icebergs Club, you can take the Coastal Walk and walk along the coast to Bronte.

    • 1 Notts Ave., Bondi Beach NSW 2026

    To admire the cliffs: Rodney and Diamond Bay Reserves

    Many backpackers and other wanderers who visit Australia to walk along its legendary coastline. Road trips from one end of the country to the other are commonplace; there is a well established network of leasing and resale of small trucks to do this. If your time is more limited or your adventurous tastes are less extravagant, you can, from Bondi, walk north along the east coast, bordered by the Pacific. An organized walk allows you to discover the splendors of nature while doing a little exercise! Accessible from the Rodney Reserve.

    To prepare an aperitif: bakery and charcuterie

    If you walk to Diamond Bay Reserve, you will certainly have a dip. Take a break at Copetta and Bazaar Deli, where you can enjoy delicious ice cream. Better yet, you will find in this place charcuterie to make jealous the French. Make provisions for an aperitif on the beach with your new friends or to thank your Airbnb hosts. While you're there, do not stop at the next door, The Grumpy Baker's Bakery, would be a sacrilege!

    • Copetta and Bazaar Deli: 777 Old South Head Road, Vaucluse
    • The Grumpy Baker: 6/767 Old South Head Road, Vaucluse

    For a 5 to 7 at sunset: Bar View

    The Vue Bar is one of the few restaurants on Campbell Parade - the street along the beach - to be located on the second floor. Its name does not lie: the terrace offers a magnificent view of the beach and the sky that flares up in the setting sun. The exceptional location, the harmonious decoration and the relaxed atmosphere make it a very nice place for a 5-7 that can be extended with dinner thanks to the tapas or pizza menu.

    • 1/80 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach

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