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  • Saturday, December 14, 2019

    Australia: The bagels of the Mile End... in Melbourne

    Australia: The bagels of the Mile End... in Melbourne

    The reputation of Montreal bagels in the world is second to none, but now they are crowds in Melbourne, Australia.

    Open for a little over a year in Fitzroy, Mile End Bagels is a hybrid between a bakery and a trendy café.

    The two young owners, Michael Fee and Benjamin Vaughan, were inspired by a stay in Montreal. "When I heard about Montreal bagels, I was completely fascinated, so I decided to go there. I went to St-Viateur and Fairmount and fell in love. I had never tasted anything like it," says Benjamin.

    He spent several weeks observing the work of the bakers, until one of those of St. Viateur Bagel agrees to scribble the recipe on a piece of paper.

    Back in Melbourne, the café-bakery takes shape in Fitzroy, a neighborhood reminiscent of the Mile End. "The name" Mile End Bagels "was obvious to us. We had to pay tribute to the two bakeries where everything started [St-Viateur and Fairmount], which are pillars of the Mile End," says Michael.

    Since it's mainly the cooking method that distinguishes the Montreal bagels, Michael and Benjamin built their wood-burning oven, the first of its kind in Australia, by the Canadian masons who built St-Viateur Bagel ovens.

    The Montreal inspiration may be very strong at Mile End Bagels, the Australian touch is also obvious. You can buy sesame, poppy, rye, cinnamon and raisin bagels, as well as the popular "all garnished" to go. They can also be savored as a sandwich sitting at a large communal table. The smoked meat-mustard-gherkin is a nod to Schwartz's, the turkey-cranberry-Swiss cheese reminiscent of New York delis and smoked salmon-edamame-cucumber evokes Asian influence. Despite these appetizing combinations, the owners ensure that it is the classic smoked salmon and cream cheese that remains king. And like every self-respecting Melbourne establishment, your cup of coffee will be carefully prepared by a barista.

    A great success

    Initially, Mile End Bagels was only open three days a week, with Michael and Benjamin doing almost everything. However, they have seduced locals and are now open all week to meet the demand, with the help of fifteen employees. "Australians love bagels. Since they have not been part of our culture for a very long time, they have this mysterious side," says Benjamin.

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