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  • Thursday, December 19, 2019

    By plane with baby

    By plane with baby

    Amazing food, insects, long trips, water quality, diseases... A family trip upsets the habits. But that's not an impossible mission. Each week, experts answer a question to facilitate children's getaways.

    How to avoid baby crying and cold sweats for parents on the plane?

    "Flying with a baby does not necessarily mean crying," says Sophie Reis, author of The Parents' Guide: Inspired, Informed, Equipped, 0-12. It is a myth that is unfortunately all too common and is bad news for traveling families."

    This mother, who has made a hundred flights with her two children from 2 months to 6 years, recalls that children and babies do not systematically feel discomfort at takeoff and landing. "It's often the fear of parents, but it varies, as in adults," she says. If you're traveling with a baby, you can reduce the risk of ear pain by feeding it. "We breastfeed, we give him the bottle or sucks," advises Caroline Trépanier, travel advisor to the Club Voyages Thousand and One Nights Mascouche.

    At the time of booking, Ms. Trépanier suggests choosing the seats carefully. On international flights and some flights to the south, devices are equipped with cradles, very practical to sleep baby... and release the arms of parents.

    Among the precautions to take the day of departure: arrive early, to leave room for maneuver to manage as calmly as possible unforeseen. "We take the opportunity to let the older people stretch their legs and spend their energy," says Ms. Trépanier. Note that several airports now offer playgrounds for toddlers.

    Once on the plane, one of Mrs. Reis's recommendations is to be able to meet baby's needs (comfort, food, sleep, entertainment) independently, that is, without depend on the crew. "It means having milk, food or snacks at all times," she says. Same thing for games and toys: it's good not to depend on the entertainment system of the plane. Ms. Trépanier remembers the little bags that she prepared for her trio: "I put activity books, coloring, figurines, stickers, lots of little cheap things, adapted to their age, I was going out a little at a time."

    Today, many of these options are found... in the tablet or smartphone. "If there is a situation where the tablet is useful, it is during a flight, where we are confined and we must not move too much, says Ms. Trépanier. Be sure to charge each device before leaving. And do not forget: headphones.

    In flight, baby bursts into tears, gets angry, cries, screams? We try to remain calm, suggests Sophie Reis, founder of the BB Jetlag parent site.

    Caroline Trépanier offers to bring a baby carrier, both to walk baby in the driveway and to free the hands. "The baby will recognize the smell of objects he is used to, such as a little blanket or doggie, which become landmarks," adds Ms. Trépanier.

    And if we are the next passenger of a family with baby? So we deploy benevolence, empathy and patience. "We must not leave with a negative prejudice, says Ms. Reis. The traveling parent has his place like any other passenger. And if he is attentive to the needs of his baby and he does not let go, then we must not forget that he is doing his best! In this sense, sighs of exasperation and furtive glances are useless: they only put extra pressure on stressed parents...

    To ease the atmosphere, some parents of young children buy corks that they distribute to their neighbors. "It's funny and it plays down," concludes Ms. Trépanier.

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