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  • Saturday, December 14, 2019

    China: Best deals in Suzhou

    China: Best deals in Suzhou

    Suzhou (pronounced Soujo) could well embody the China of which you dreamed. It is in any case the place that the Chinese dream to see at least once. Located half an hour from Shanghai, the world capital of silk has the oldest classical gardens in China, Buddhist temples before our era and many channels. "In heaven there is paradise, on earth there is Suzhou," sang the poets. Discovered in six places.

    To wander through countless canals: Around Shan Tang and Ping Jiang Streets

    In the 13th century, Marco Polo wrote that Suzhou had 6000 bridges. In truth, there are 180, so many witnesses of the importance of the river in this city of 2500 years old.

    On its shores, everyday life unfolds all its facets. We work there, we hang out, we get married, we go shopping, we eat or we paint there.

    On the grand canal at the foot of the imposing 16th century wall, numerous barges are passing, recalling that the Yangtze remains a major trading route.

    Do not forget Tongli, suburb of Suzhou, a real poem placed on the water.

    To admire the local gardens: walks in masterpieces

    Out of 200 gardens, 9 are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and are universally recognized as masterpieces of classical Chinese landscape art that seeks to recreate miniature landscapes.

    Arranged between the 11th and 19th centuries and inspired by Buddhism, they reflect the metaphysical vision of nature in Chinese design.

    Characterized by a meticulous combination of ponds, trees and stone arrangements of the region, they are both arid and harmonious.

    It also visits the homes of the previous owners of the place and there are performances of music, singing, dancing or traditional opera.

    To eat like the emperor: Bai Ma Tou restaurant

    "At the emperor's palace, the chief came from Suzhou," we like to call you back.

    From simple dumplings to turtle soup, fish in sweet and sour sauce with steamed seafood and shellfish, melting pork with mini pumpkins and stuffed snails, fricassee of lotus stems, bindweeds and chestnuts with noodles always served at the end of the meal... the delights succeed and share on the turntables.

    The restaurant Bai Ma Tou is mostly frequented by locals, a beautiful guarantee of authenticity.

    To approach the Chinese jet set: the terrace of Li Gong's W Di

    With an average annual income of $ 54,000 for its inhabitants, Suzhou maintains its status as the richest city in China.

    On the shores of Jinji Lake, the Li Gong Di district is a spectacular example. Erected in less than 10 years, it offers a striking contrast to the old part of the city.

    If the Pan Pacific Hotel offers the luxury of grand tradition and a century-old garden, the W impresses with its spectacular design, black and sleek like a dash of Chinese ink.

    From the terrace on the 37th floor, the panorama is magical.

    To visit a sacred pagoda: on the Tigre hill

    In 496 BCE, the king of Suzhou incinerated his father on this hill overlooking the city.

    Three days later, a white tiger came to lie on the grave, confirming the sacredness of the place. A pagoda was erected there, Buddhist monks settled there.

    The venerable pagoda looks like the tower of Pisa, but it is still the emblem of the city.

    The place is inspired and inspiring, with a bonsai garden just as old, and perfumed by a microplantation of green tea reserved for the consumption of monks.

    To remember the Silk Road: the first silk factory

    An imperial decree has long protected the secrets of making silk under penalty of death for anyone who discloses it.

    Today, all the stages of transformation are carefully explained and shown, from the voracity of the intoxicated worms of mulberry leaves to the weaving of the threads extracted from the cocoons.

    Silk has ensured the tremendous prosperity of Suzhou, which remains the world's capital, even though electronics and automobile manufacturing companies are generating much more revenue today.

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