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  • Sunday, December 15, 2019

    Guided tour in Mexico City

    Guided tour in Mexico City

    Mathieu Tourlière has been living in the Mexican capital for five years. After a student exchange, he became a journalist for the weekly Proceso. For this investigative journal, it covers issues of education and Mexican politics. It makes us discover six attractions of the city.

    Navigate in the swamps of Xochimilco

    In the south of the city, Mathieu usually goes to celebrate in Xochimilco on one of the trajineras, large boats with flamboyant colors.

    The Mexicans rent one for a few hours to walk in this network of marshes, a vestige of the Aztec era.

    A very lively crossing, especially the weekend: once on the boat, the music is in full swing, and small boats come offer tacos and drinks at the edge of the boats.

    To make a vegetative break in this happy din, we leave the boat to go sniff the flowers grown on the chinampas, floating gardens.

    A jump to the anthropology museum

    Mexico is teeming with museums. But if he has a free day, it is the one of anthropology that Mathieu chooses to read in the past of his adopted city.

    Located in the middle of the Bosque de Chapultepec ("grasshopper forest"), there are the most important pieces of Mexican civilizations.

    The Stone of the Aztec Sun, calendar with 1000 symbols and stone of human sacrifice, but also everyday objects, such as the rings of the ball game, ancestor (more violent) of basketball, without hands or feet.

    Coyoacan, like a village

    Tourists run (and the line can be long) to visit the house of Frida Kahlo, in calle London, and greet the tomb of Leon Trotsky.

    But Mathieu goes there rather to walk in the cozy streets of what seems to have remained a colonial village, swallowed by Mexico over time.

    It is on the Plaza de la Conchita that you have to sit and read in the shade of the willows in front of the Concepcion church.

    And when the appetite is felt, the small green stand of the covered market, a few steps from the square, offers for thirty pesos incredible fried empanadas to consume on the counter.

    Full belly at the Mercado de Jamaica

    Beware of appearances, this shed holds wonders and Mathieu makes his market every Sunday.

    "Tip: do not eat anything before you go!" He says. And for good reason, every time you approach a stand, traders spontaneously give you a taste of guacamole, a marquesita (pancake) or mangos.

    The market is best known for its florists, who make up huge bouquets.

    For those who want to cultivate their esoteric side, the Sonora market offers love filters and potions of luck to passers-by.

    Oasis of sweetness at the convent of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz

    "A good sister and a feminist!" Says Mathieu, who has become fond of the story of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz and her convent.

    In the seventeenth century, when she learned that as a woman she could not study, she told her parents that she now intends to disguise herself as a man.

    She became one of the greatest scholars and poets of her time in Mexico and her convent, bright white, is a peaceful nook.

    Celebrate at La Hostería La Bota

    When a friend of Mathieu's band wants to celebrate, La Bota wins. This bar proclaims the "best of Mexico" since 2005.

    It would be wrong not to believe it. Large wooden tables, a bull's head stuffed on walls overflowing with signs, the place is a happy bazaar, where the mezcal raises the temperature.

    We accompany all of the specialty of the place, las bolitas de queso, balls of cheese fries with almonds.

    In front of the bar, two huge hands in bronze welcome the posterior of the unlucky ones who have not yet found a table.

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