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  • Saturday, December 14, 2019

    India: Tourists welcome back to Indian Kashmir

    India: Tourists welcome back to Indian Kashmir

    Tourists will be welcome again in Indian Kashmir this week after being chased just before the end of its autonomy by New Delhi, said his governor Monday.

    At the beginning of August, the authorities had enjoined holidaymakers to "immediately" leave this disputed Himalayan region disputed with Pakistan because of "terrorist threats" weighing on a famous Hindu pilgrimage site.

    At that time, the central Indian authorities cut off telephone and internet connections and unilaterally revoked the autonomy status that it enjoyed.

    The official request made to "tourists to leave the valley will be lifted" from Thursday, said in a statement the governor of Indian Kashmir Satya Pal Malik, without further details on the reasons for this measure.

    Mr. Malik just explained, as New Delhi has already said, that curfew was being phased out, adding that "all security restrictions" had been removed "for the most part" from the region.

    Tour operators complained at the end of August of the sharp drop in the number of visitors, with only 150 foreigners going to Indian Kashmir from 5 August to the end of the same month when more than half a million tourists were there. the first seven months of the year, according to official figures.

    In addition, some 340,000 people traveled for religious reasons in July, just before the closing of the large Hindu pilgrimage site.

    Hundreds of thousands of Indian soldiers are deployed in the area to prevent any kindling. Thousands of Kashmiris, including leading local politicians, have been arrested since August.

    India and Pakistan are competing for Kashmir, which has been divided between them since the partition of the British colonial empire in 1947. These two countries have clashed in two wars and in countless clashes about it.

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