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  • Thursday, December 19, 2019

    Making the trip of your dreams

    Making the trip of your dreams

    A dream trip is usually rather expensive, and the bank account is far from always enough to turn it into reality. Not yet, in any case. But by following certain strategies, there may be a way to achieve this journey of a lifetime.

    A significant date

    It will not be possible this year. Next year no more. Why not link this dream trip to a meaningful date? A 40th birthday, a 20th wedding anniversary, retirement.

    "Some luxury products like cruises allow you to book two years in advance," says Moscow Côté, a travel agency at Constellation Travel. It's more motivating when you know it's reserved. It's easier to save money every month."

    For Mathieu Durand, it is important to set a date. The young man had to save for years on expensive climbing trips, such as climbing Everest, which can cost around $ 60,000.

    "Not everyone has the same definition of the trip of a lifetime: for some, it's a week in Cuba, but it's the same principle," he says. If we say "I save for a trip", it's not too definite. The human being being what he is, as long as there is no precise date, he will not necessarily act concretely. "

    Live simply

    The challenge is to save money without (too much) depriving oneself.

    Céline Cusson, who has spent nearly a year traveling with her husband in South America, Europe, Turkey and Egypt in 2008, explains that she has applied the principle "Do you really need it? Before it's popular.

    "We made choices, but we did not feel deprived: a little less out of the restaurant, I practically did not buy clothes, it was going soft in spending."

    For her part, Typhanie Sanchez kept her "student" lifestyle when she started working. It allowed him to take a big trip before the arrival of his thirties. "I stayed in a roommate, I did not buy a car. My salary, I put it almost entirely away. "

    She followed the same strategy later with her spouse and their baby: they decided that it was not necessary to take a bigger apartment or buy a second car.

    "I do not buy a Starbucks every day," says mountaineer Mathieu Durand. Scratches, magazines, that's not part of my life."

    Establish financial strategies

    Some people, like Céline Cusson, have access to deferred treatment programs at work. For a few years, the employee can have a significant portion of his salary put in a trust and take a year off.

    "I got used to living at 75% of my salary," she says.

    Mathieu Durand did not have access to such a program to prepare for his climb to Everest, but he set up an automatic transfer so that each pay, a percentage of his salary is found in a separate account.

    "I do not have a bank card for this account," he says. I have to go to the bank, at the counter, to withdraw money. It reduces the temptation to empty the account."

    The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) can be used for the same purpose, or guaranteed investment certificates. Sometimes you have to pay penalties to cash in such a certificate before it expires. So you have to think twice.

    When planning a large expensive trip that is payable in US dollars, you have to follow the evolution of exchange rates over the years. If the Canadian dollar rises significantly, it may be advantageous to open an account in US dollars and invest some money.

    Talking about his project

    To keep his motivation alive throughout the years, mountaineer Mathieu Durand makes his goals known to his family.

    "It becomes concrete. Afterwards, it's harder to make choices that go against your travel plans."

    It also allows to go for "love money".

    "Festive gifts, Christmas presents, all those things: I tell my family not to give me stuff, but to give me money for my trip," says Mathieu Durand. It sure helps. We are not talking about major amounts, but in these cases, every dollar counts."

    Talking about projects with loved ones may have another positive effect: they may want to offer the traveler books related to the destination. For example, Arnaldur Indriðason's pirates in anticipation of a trip to Iceland or Petros Markaris for the one heading to Greece.

    Move while waiting for the big trip

    Plan a dream trip in a few years, that's good. But this is not a reason to stay locked in the meantime.

    Christelle Proulx Cormier and her husband had dreamed for 10 years on a great trip, which they finally made in South East Asia and Europe. But in the meantime, they had made small trips: trekking, a truck trip in the United States with a baby.

    They dream of another great trip one of these days.

    "You do not feel deprived on a daily basis, we do not stop renting a cottage from time to time," she says.

    The ideal is to find cheap projects that have a link with the dream destination. Thus, the person who plans a safari in Africa can enroll in a photography camp or go watch white geese in Cap-Tourmente. The Silk Road enthusiast can organize trips to North America to visit major museums such as the Metropolitan Museum in New York or the Peabody Museum in Cambridge. As for the outdoor enthusiast, he can prepare for his Arctic expedition by paddling on the Saguenay River and walking on foot through the Chic-Chocs on the Gaspé Peninsula.

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