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  • Sunday, December 15, 2019

    Organize your trip in Martinique

    Organize your trip in Martinique

    Quebeckers seem to be more and more likely to go to the island of flowers, as Martinique is called, perhaps because the flights are more affordable than before at certain times of the year. On the other hand, the cost of living in this French overseas department remains high, since everything is paid in euros. But it is a very interesting destination if you want to enjoy a holiday under the palm trees without necessarily opting for an all-inclusive.

    Getting There

    Until recently, discount carrier Norwegian offered extremely low prices for direct flights between Montreal and Fort de France. Unfortunately, this offer ends these days, and the airline has indicated that it does not intend to resume this route next winter. However, Air Canada continues to provide year-round direct flights between Quebec and Martinique. As for Air Transat, direct flights will resume in December 2019.


    Martinique is easily traveled by car, and it is the best means of transport if you want to walk to the four corners of the island. The roads are beautiful, but winding and narrow, so be careful when cornering. Also, the traffic in the towns and the parking lots near the beaches is not always obvious, and sometimes there can be traffic jams near the capital. An informed driver is worth two !


    There are a variety of hotels, residences, huts or villas for rent in Martinique. Still, the costs will be higher than if one opts for an all-inclusive.


    The influences of cooking in Martinique are many: French, of course, but also Creole, African, Indian... Here are some dishes that you can enjoy, from starter to dessert.

    • The acras, mostly cod, but also vegetables
    • The smoked chicken
    • The colombo
    • The conch
    • The christophine
    • The banana fritters
    • Coconut sorbet

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