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  • Sunday, December 15, 2019

    Sweden: Stockholm with family

    Sweden: Stockholm with family

    In Stockholm, it is well known, the child is king. Museums, libraries and parks inevitably provide him with land to explore and new things to experiment with. Stroll along the water to discover curious and delicious addresses for young and old.

    Learn colors at the Nationalmuseum

    It took five years for the Stockholm National Museum, opposite the Royal Palace, to get a makeover. The renovation, carried out in a masterful manner by the architects Wingårdhs and Wikerstål, has given the institution a gigantic elevator dressed in braided brass. But the eye is mostly caught by the very bold choice of colors for the walls of the showrooms, which parents can try to name and reproduce back home. Among the most child-friendly sections, a small tower recommended by the one devoted to contemporary design. Carl Larsson's country and family watercolors, to which the museum owes many frescoes, will also please many. A cafe, decorated by thirty designers, allows tired little legs to regain strength through a swarm of desserts.

    Among the flowers at Rosendals Trädgård

    Ideally, this garden of delights is reached on the island of Djurgården by boat. The large green area, located in a former royal hunting area, is the Sunday meeting point for Stockholmers. One of the two dishes of the day, a soup or a morotskaka (carrot cake) is tasted in the organic coffee tucked in the greenhouse. The children can then run through orchards, flower fields and vegetable gardens while their parents do some shopping in one of two homemade produce shops. Excellent starting point or drop for a bucolic stroll along the water to meet pleasure boats and Scottish cows with long hairs. Closed from December 23rd to January 31st.

    Adopt the fika at Gast

    Guaranteed success with children and teens with a lunch or a snack at Gast's brand is a ghost! This café opened in 2017 opposite the Spökparken (ghost park), in the family district of Vasastan, a quarter of an hour's walk from the city center, is also the perfect address to adopt the local tradition of fika, the break- coffee that paces the Swedish days. A counter of homemade pastries, including the famous kaneelbullar (cinnamon buns), allows you to choose all that you want. To be tested too: salads whose associations of flavors, colors and textures interest even the most skeptical. Parents take the opportunity to poke decorating ideas instead, and dive into one of the books or magazines left for them on pretty shelves. Only downside: the address, which opens from 7 am on weekdays, closes at 17 pm.

    Approaching Wildlife in Skansen

    The address to check for sure if your trip to Sweden is limited to Stockholm. The Skansen open-air museum, founded in 1891 in the green island of Djurgården by the ethnographer Artur Hazelius, traces the history of the country in a lively way. We walk in the middle of buildings (houses, cabins, mills, schools, craft workshops, shops, mansions ...) from all over Sweden, and native animals (reindeer, brown bears, wolves, lynx, seals ...) in a natural environment with a grand view of the city. Children enjoy local folklore with giant Dalarna horses to climb, a farm with domestic species and attractions for all ages. The brave little ones will be able to take the opportunity to do like the Stockholmers and leave their nipple or bottle in a well decorated well.

    Liquorice delights at Lakritsroten

    Nowhere else in Scandinavia will you discover such a choice of liquorice, which is called here lakris and slip into the bags of candy that children are allowed to eat only Saturdays to spare their teeth. Lovers or the curious will visit one of the city's Lakritsroten shops, a kind of licorice palace. Salty, acidic, chocolate, raspberry, ginger, violet, chilli, pearl, bronze, powder, toothpaste, infusion ... it is found in all forms, often in design boxes! The founder of the brand, Christian Haupt, came up with the idea of ​​creating these gourmet addresses in 2013 after returning from a trip to Iceland (famous for its chocolate liquorice). With Läkerol eucalyptus lozenges, sold in supermarkets and convenience stores, this is one of the good things to bring back from Sweden.

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