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  • Friday, December 13, 2019

    USA: Discovering Washington with the brats

    USA: Discovering Washington with the brats

    A family trip to Washington is an opportunity to dive into American history by visiting memorials and museums that tell the past, many of which are free. It's also about exploding art galleries, trendy restaurants and a revitalized waterfront.

    Reporter of a day

    Devoted to the world of information and journalism, the Newseum allows children (mine are 9 and 12 years old) to deepen their knowledge of the events of humanity and their media coverage, the earthquake in Guatemala in 1541 at the fall of the Berlin Wall through lunar exploration.

    On seven floors, in fifteen galleries and as many screening rooms, the Newseum offers many interactive activities, including the realization of a TV report where the visitor becomes the journalist.

    Not to be missed: the exhibition of all Pulitzer Prize-winning press photos and the first pages of 160 daily newspapers from around the world posted daily at the museum entrance.

    A cruel reminder of the importance of the freedom of the press while it is undermined in many countries ...

    Like the media industry, the museum is in danger: it closes on December 31, and it is not known for the moment whether it will be relocated.

    • Newseum, 555 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest

    Spies, lies and secrets

    Who has not dreamed of knowing the secrets of the spy job? It is to this fascinating profession that the International Spy Museum is dedicated.

    Thanks to a $ 162 million investment, the museum has just reopened in a brand new futuristic building, whose space is twice the size of the previous one.

    Divided into two sections ("How do we spy?" And "Why do we spy?"), The museum presents 5,000 objects related to the mysterious world of espionage.

    Testimonials (video and audio) from secret service agents reveal behind the scenes of tragic events such as the Pearl Harbor attack, the Cold War, the bombings of Oklahoma City, the attacks of September 11, 2001 ... Captivating!

    Interactive games, with several players, are numerous ... and very popular. You have to be patient to line up.

    • International Spy Museum, 700, L'Enfant Plaza Southwest

    A bit of history, by bike

    The guided tour of the main monuments and historical monuments of the capital is a three-hour bike ride.

    The children have no trouble following: the course is easy, the walk is done on the sidewalks (this is allowed and legal on this side of the city), with an experienced guide.

    And then, the stops are numerous - 10 in all. They allow to admire the most beautiful monuments: those of Lincoln, Jefferson, Martin Luther King and the Second World War, among others.

    Good to know: water and a snack are provided during the guided tour.

    • Bike and Roll, 955, L'Enfant Plaza Southwest

    Bold and immersive art

    Artists who use technology in their work have their own space in Washington: the Artechouse Gallery (whose name comes from "art" and "technology").

    During our visit, it was the exhibition Infinite Space by the Turkish artist Refik Anadol which held the poster (until September 2nd).

    Entirely digital and immersive, it mixes sounds, movements and light in a surprisingly touching way.

    A bold gamble that has greatly impressed children.

    • Artechouse, 1238 Maryland Ave Southwest

    Walk along the water

    In the historic southwest of the capital, The Wharf, located next to the marina, occupies the water's edge.

    There is an avenue of fish and seafood vendors, open to the public since 1805!

    Their open kiosks attract crowds, especially on the weekends.

    The surrounding pedestrian streets are lined with restaurants, cafes and bars, all relatively new since this corner of the city was part of a major investment project (2.5 billion), completed two years ago.

    Good to know: swings, green spaces and gardens have been set up all along the promenade, making it the perfect place for a family walk, especially at dusk.

    • The Wharf, 760 Maine Avenue Southwest


    With its 164 million-pound collection of 1,300 km of shelf space, the Library of Congress is the oldest cultural institution in the United States and the largest library in the world.

    Founded in 1800, it is located near the Capitol, and its visit is worth a visit.

    The guided tour, lasting one hour, can admire the crypt, the rotunda and the hall, and better understand its role of national archives.

    This is where the documents of the independence of the United States, those of the American Constitution and those of human rights, among others, are kept.

    • Library of Congress, 101 Independence Avenue Southwest

    Other activities to do with family

    • Visit The Lawn at the National Building Museum, a museum dedicated to architecture and design. It is a huge indoor green space that offers a range of sports and leisure activities (yoga, games of skill, film projection, etc.).

    • Meet the Pepper robot at the Hirshhorn Museum of Contemporary Art. For a year, Pepper, a humanoid robot of 120 cm, converses, has fun and poses for selfies with visitors, young and old. Some activities in his company are sometimes put to the programming of the museum.

    • Admire the pandas of the Smithsonian National Zoo. This urban zoo, whose entry is free, is the habitat of 2700 animals of nearly 400 species. It houses among others gorillas, bears, lions and giant pandas, the stars of the place.

    Good to know: Of the hundred museums in Washington, 18, including the zoo, are funded by the Smithsonian Institution: admission is free for everyone at all times.

    What to eat ?

    • Gargantuan pasta dishes (including spaghetti bolognese) and delectable desserts (Try: Titanic, a brownie cake, whipped cream, ice cream and hot chocolate sauce) at Carmine's, an institution.

    • 425 7th Street Northwest

    • Hummus, labneh, kebabs and other Middle Eastern delicacies at Maydan, one of the most popular restaurants in Washington. Children are welcome, especially upstairs, where they have a spectacular view of the huge oven located in the heart of the restaurant.

    • 1346 Florida Avenue Northwest

    • Classic Mexican dishes at Mi Vida, including a guacamole served with home-made corn chips, enchiladas, quesadillas, nachos and tacos cooked and served without misrepresentation. Many of the cocktails are offered in non-alcoholic versions.

    • 98 District Square Southwest

    • Iced donuts with unusual flavors (lime pie, cream cheese, peanut butter, for example) at District Donut. There are four branches in Washington, including one in The Wharf.

    • 5, Market Square Southwest

    Or sleep ?

    • Located in the north of the city in a quiet area, the Marriott Wardman Park has 1,200 rooms and a lovely courtyard ... with a large pool open until 10 pm every night. The newly renovated hotel is next to a metro station and zoo.

    • 2660 Woodley Road Northwest

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