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  • Friday, December 13, 2019

    USA: Revers for Airbnb in Jersey City

    USA: Revers for Airbnb in Jersey City

    Voters in Jersey City, a New York suburb, have inflicted a humiliating defeat on Airbnb, reflecting the efforts of a growing number of cities to limit the activities of the housing-sharing platform.

    Some 70 percent of voters in the 270,000-strong town, separated from Manhattan by the Hudson River, on Tuesday approved tight restrictions on short-term rentals, according to a near-final result released on Wednesday.

    These rules, which include obtaining a permit and the presence of the owner on the site, should reduce the influx of visitors via the giant rental online, accused of aggravating the housing crisis, transforming quiet neighborhoods and harming the hotel sector.

    Democratic mayor Steven Fulop praised the result, which validates a city council ordinance passed in June that Airbnb had bitterly disputed.

    The platform had collected 20,000 signatures calling for a popular vote on the settlement, and spent several million dollars in hopes of canceling it.

    "You have run a misinformation campaign in Jersey City, you have lied and spent $ 5 million - and Jersey City showed you what it was thinking," tweeted the Mayor to Airbnb's attention after the vote.

    The California platform, which plans an IPO on an unspecified date in 2020, has put its defeat on the account of the New York hotel lobby.

    "Since the beginning of this campaign, we knew it was going to be one of the toughest battles for us, with the big New York hotel industry set to fight home sharing," said Christopher Nulty. spokesperson for the start-up company in a statement.

    This defeat confirms the efforts of many cities - starting with major tourist metropolises like New York, Paris, Berlin or Barcelona - to prevent Airbnb's activity.

    Launched in 2008, the platform, which is not obliged to publish its results, was valued in 2017 at over $ 30 billion.

    At the end of September, it reported a turnover of more than $ 1 billion in the second quarter of 2019, for the second time since its creation.

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