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  • Thursday, December 19, 2019

    What if vaping took you to prison abroad?

    What if vaping took you to prison abroad?

    To grill a cigarette in Thailand? No problem. But inhale steam through an electronic tube that mimics a traditional cigarette? Not allowed ! Before vaping, it is better to check if electronic cigarettes are legal in the country you visit, because about twenty of them strictly forbid them. And offenders sometimes even face prison sentences.

    The Philippines has recently joined the already long list of countries that ban vaping. Hong Kong has just passed a law that provides up to six months in prison for those who smoke electronic cigarettes. In Thailand, where this practice has been illegal since 2014, simply owning an electronic cigarette could get you into trouble.

    "They take it very seriously... When I went, the police were blocking and searching for electronic cigarettes," said Mandy Laplante, who visited Thailand last winter.

    Anyone who uses an electronic cigarette in this country is liable to seizure of the object, a fine (varying according to the level of corruption of the police officer, unfortunately!) And imprisonment. The sentence can be up to 10 years.

    "The law applies to both Thais and foreigners. There have been recent incidents involving foreign travelers who were unaware of the law and who were fined on the spot or were arrested, "says Tourism Thailand.

    "It is illegal to import electronic cigarettes, e-barakus (e-hashish) and refills into Thailand," says the Government of Canada in its online travel advisory section.

    A Frenchwoman learned the hard way last January. The Thai police arrested her as she was steaming on a scooter and asked her for 40,000 baht ($ 1,600), reported Le Figaro in February 2019. Refusing to pay such a sum, she was summoned to trial, then had to pay more than $ 11,600 for the trial, the lawyers, the judges, etc. She was then expelled from the country, according to the French media.

    Vaping across borders

    Vaping is prohibited in at least 20 countries. In Taiwan, vaping is considered in the same way as any other drug use and is worth similar sentences to those imposed in Thailand. In other countries, the consequences are more moderate. In Brazil, for example, electronic cigarettes are considered to be tobacco products, but a decree prohibits their sale, advertising, distribution and importation.

    Who forbids what?

    Since the e-cigarette is relatively new on the market, but especially because studies on its harmful effects on health are increasing, the laws attached to it evolve rapidly. Thus, if you are a vaper, better inform you before going on vacation, question of passing them to the beach rather than to the police station...

    Deadly marijuana

    Now commonplace for most Canadians, marijuana is far from being seen overseas. Narcotics offenses, including cannabis, are worth the death penalty in some 30 countries around the world. In Indonesia, two French men who were arrested in 2005 and 2018 with large quantities of narcotics are currently on death row. Other countries have similar policies, among which are Saudi Arabia, China, the United Arab Emirates, Iran, Kuwait, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, the Philippines... Traveling, better Worth staying away, far away, drugs and resisting the urge of a small joint if it takes you.

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