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  • Wednesday, December 25, 2019

    United States: Las Vegas, instructions for use

    United States: Las Vegas, instructions for use

    Tips and advice for a carefree trip to Sin City.

    Show tickets

    Give priority to online shopping, with a budget of $ 60 to $ 120 on average per show… except for supervedettes like Lady Gaga, where there, you will have to extend the tickets… To guide you in your choice of shows and have the Just check out the Las Vegas Review.


    The Strip hotels are expensive, but the competition is so fierce that there is slight downward pressure (you still have to plan on a minimum of $ 130 a night). On the other hand, watch out for the administration fees, which are almost never announced and which are added when paying the cuenta. Good news: most hotels' parking lots are now free. Another option: Downtown Las Vegas, which is getting a makeover. You will be staying at a much more affordable price.


    Uber is the easiest and cheapest way to get around. Just to give you an idea: a regular taxi will cost you around US $ 40 from the airport to the Strip (about a 15-minute trip). In Uber, it's about US $ 16. Once there, Uber remains the best option for getting from one place to another (drivers arrive in less than five minutes!). Otherwise, buy yourself a strawberry daïquiri and walk.

    Professional sport

    More and more people are coming to Vegas to watch the Golden Knights hockey games (right in the city center!). We can also see live the progress of the construction of the stadium which will host next year the new Las Vegas football team, the Raiders, just behind Mandalay Bay.


    All casino hotels have their counters, cafes or chains, but there are more and more very good tables (but be prepared to pay the price…) Besides the ubiquitous Gordon Ramsay, who owns among others the Pub & Grill at Caesars Palace, its Hell's Kitchen (just opposite) and a restaurant at Paris Las Vegas (Gordon Ramsay Steak), let's mention the chic Rose. Rabbit. Lie., At Cosmopolitan, NoMad, Park MGM, Japanese Mizumi or Picasso, at Bellagio.


    Fall is the perfect time to travel to Nevada. In mid-November, it averaged 24 ° C, although the temperature dropped to around 6 or 7 ° C in the evening. In winter, the weather is obviously more unpredictable. A little cooler, a little more gray, with rain (sometimes abundant) and even, for two years, snowfall. At the same time, winter is the perfect time to get out of Vegas and visit the canyons without baking in the sun.

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